How to rock your thigh high denim boots.

Fashion has evolved over the years with different trends coming up. This includes the footwear. This evolution has introduced in recent times the classic thigh-high denim boot. The thigh-high denim boots bring out a stylish and modern look when combined properly with the appropriate outfit. The suggestions below will give you a better understanding on how to rock the thigh-high denim open toe boots better and not look outdated.


To rock this look, you can wear a black mini body con dress and layer a blue denim jacket over it to look lean and youthful. Now, wear a pair of blue denim thigh high boots to turn this already good-looking outfit into a great looking one.

woman wearing denim thigh high boots

You can also wear a relaxed fit or even slightly over-sized black knitwear dress and pair it with a ripped denim thigh high boots. The result is a very stylish outfit that can make you stand out.

lady wearing dark blue denim boots


For a hot and sexy look, showing all your curves, you can wear a pair of white shorts and a white crop top. Pair the shorts with your blue denim open toe heeled thigh high boots to look stylish, lean and tall.


For the cool layered look, you can wear a light pink t-shirt dress (or any of your favourite coloured mini dress). Now put on your heeled blue denim thigh high boots and pa-wow, va-va-voom. Finally, throw on a jacket or a classic fitted blazer for that added layer of sophistication.

woman wearing dark blue denim thigh high boots blue denim boots

We suggest pairing your thigh high denim boots with outfits featuring neutral colors, blue, or colors that complement blue, such as pastels. You can’t go wrong when you wear it with an over-sized shirts or short dresses/skirts or shorts.

If you are going to wear denim on denim, make sure the washes don’t clash. It is probably best to avoid wearing these boots with blue jeans since it will more than likely end up looking like your pants and shoes are connected.

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If you have tight, thigh-high denim boots, opt for a short swing dress.

If you have baggy thigh-highs, go for a body-con dress.

If you have ankle boots, wear a dress that falls at or below the knee and you are good to go.

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